What is R.A.R Experience

The Sandbox CoRetail R.A.R experience stands for
Revenue Awareness Research


Your products will be stocked in our Sandbox CoRetail store in Cambridge. Situated within the one of the largest shopping centres in Cambridge, the Grafton Centre see’s a weekly footfall of over 60,000 people. The shop itself is next to one of the main entrances and sees thousands of people walk past every day.

All revenue generated by your products is sent back to you (minus the 1.6% transaction fee from card payments.)

We will not ask you to reduce the price of your products or ask for a wholesale price.


Your branding will be on display in the Sandbox which are viewable both in and outside of the store. With over a thousand people a day queuing up for their booster vaccinations just outside of the store your brand is sure to be seen on the regular.

We also promote those working with us on our Social media pages which is growing daily.

You can provide leaflets, props and other sales assets that direct people to engage with your brand and products. We can hand these to your customers so that they can buy from you directly or join your community of brand advocates.

We will talk directly to consumers sharing your story and key facts about your brand.


You will receive a monthly report of your SandBox CoRetail R.A.R. experience. These will show you which products we sold the most of and on what days they sold. We will give you your percentage of revenue against other products on sale and your return on investment.

We will include tips and feedback that give you genuine consumer market research on your products. We want you to use this information to sell more of your products not only in SandBox but in all your sales efforts.

Your products will be counted after every day of trading so we can monitor stock. This will also be supplied as part of the report to inform you of what stock to focus on in Cambridge.

The reports are designed to be taken to other retailers once you have grown. We want to help you get more of your products into more locations so you can grow your business.